our story

Don Koppes, a retired teacher from the Dubuque Community Schools, met Argaw Oremo in March of 2009. Don was volunteering at the Sisters of the Presentation Lantern Center, a drop-in place for people new to the Dubuque community who wish to improve their language skills.

New to the community, Argaw walked into the Lantern Center hoping to improve his English. The two were paired together on Argaw’s first day. Quickly, Don became Argaw’s teacher, mentor, and friend. With Don’s help, Argaw improved his reading, writing, and speaking, got a job at HyVee grocery store, and learned to drive a car.

In August of 2010, Argaw moved in with the Koppes family. That December, Don and his wife, Caroline, accompanied Argaw to his hometown of Homacho in Ethiopia. It was Argaw’s first trip home since arriving in the United States in October 2008. Argaw and his fiancée, Workensh, were married the day after they arrived in Ethiopia.

Don and Caroline stayed in the village with Argaw and Workensh for about two weeks before returning to the United States. Don returned to Ethiopia a few months later to participate in the construction of a cement floor for a rural school, the money for which had been raised with small donations given to Don and Argaw. They returned to Iowa together in April 2011.

Seeing the need for more assistance and necessary projects in the village of Homacho, Don and Argaw decided that they should do more if they possibly could. Through the efforts of a local attorney, John Becker, a non-profit organization was set up in late August 2011. In an effort to stress connections and community over simple charity, it was dubbed "Friends of Homacho."

Since then, Friends of Homacho has undertaken projects that have brought school supplies, clothing, improved housing, and increased access to food and water. There is still more to be done, but Friends of Homacho is committed to being a lasting presence in Ethiopia.

Friends of Homacho provides hope to the people in and around Homacho, Ethiopia
— Don Koppes, president

What We've Achieved

  • 38 concrete floors have been poured in four different schools to replace dirt floors. Those dirt floors were covered with cow manure each Friday in an attempt to minimize dust in the classroom.
  • 32 chairs with cushions, and tables to seat 32 teachers for lunch as part of a remodeling project in a local school. 
  • Developed two springs that has doubled the water supply from 4.5 gallons of water per person per day to 10 gallons of water per person per day
  • 10,000 pens were delivered to students
  • 5,000 notebooks were delivered to students
  •  24 soccer balls
  •  24 volleyballs
  • 12 volleyball nets